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Our History:

Pacific Agri Products, Inc. is a family owned company and is the successor to Pacific Agri Products, Inc. established in 1974, and Lehar Sales Co, Inc. established in 1948.  The two companies merged operations in 1999.  Throughout our proud history of over 65 years, we’ve had a reputation for conducting our affairs in a professional and ethical manner in which the needs of the customer and the supplier always take priority.  Our longevity and growth are the result of this principal.

Our Future:

Any company is a reflection of its dedicated employees, all of whom work cooperatively to achieve a common goal.  Pacific Agri Products, Inc. is blessed to have a dedicated and loyal group of employees.  Our staff is multi-lingual, highly knowledgeable about our products, and educated in market trends and forward pricing.  Our employees “are” Pacific Agri Products, Inc., and they remain the primary source of our historical success.