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products.chicken2Fresh & Frozen

Partnering with the best national, regional, and local producers of fresh chicken, we are proud to offer the widest selection in the industry. We meet every retail and food service need with our inventory of fresh, high quality Conventional, Free Range, Natural, and Organic poultry.  We also offer dry and marinated products available in custom labels and pack sizes.


Holmes Food, Petaluma, Poultry, Pilgrim, Koch Foods, Peco Foods, Sanderson, Pilgrim, Amick, House of Raeford, Perdue, Foster Farms, Fieldale Farms, Tyson and Wayne Farms.

We also provide poultry products from smaller scale, local growers who cater to the needs of the local market place.


Our vast selection of high quality frozen products allows us to offer a boundless assortment of programs to our retail, food service, cash and carry, club store, custom packaging, and private label customers.