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Maintaining the highest standards regarding fresh and frozen pork products is our number one priority. We uphold national quality guidelines for Natural, Organic and Conventional products which present sustainability for the industry, while giving the greatest selection available.


Duberton Natural and Organics, Farmland, Hormel, Indiana Packers, JBS Swift, Sioux Preme, Seaboard, Farmer John, Smithfield, Sasa, Kowi, Maple Leaf, Costa Brava, and Tyson Fresh (IBP) Pork.

We also provide imported pork products from Canada, Europe, and Mexico.  We carry extensive inventories of these products to meet the specific demands of the different ethnic markets we serve.


We are proud to provide a wide array of processed pork products to service the retail and food service demands in our markets.  From bacon, sausages, hot dogs, hams, and deli-meats: -we are ready to supply these products to meet your every need.


Bar S, Daily’s, Farmer John, Farmer John, Farmland, Gusto Packing, Falls Brand, Hormel, Plumrose, Rose Packing, Miller, Charlie’s Pride, Norbest, Butterball, New York Sausage, Saags, Evergood, Silva, and Hoffy.